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Are you looking for a winter-friendly landscape? Check out our selection of wintergroene vaste planten! These plants are ideal for cold climates, and can add a touch of greenery to any garden. You can find them at our store, or order them online.

Looking for plants for your winter garden? Tuinplant has you covered! We have a wide variety of plants perfect for winter cultivation, from hardy nasturtiums and ornamental pansies to fragrant winter jasmine and flowering cedar. Browse our selection today and find the perfect plant to beautify your garden all winter long.

Wintergroene Vaste Planten | is a website dedicated to all things gardening, from growing your own vegetables to decorating your yard with beautiful flowers. They have a blog section where they share tips, advice, and pictures of their garden during the winter season. Here are some of our favorite articles from the blog:

If you’re new to gardening, or even if you’ve been gardening for years, you may be wondering how to grow vegetables in the winter. has the perfect guide for you! In this article, they explain how to select varieties of vegetables that will tolerate cold weather, how to grow them indoors or outdoors, and some helpful tips for protecting them from frostbite.

Winter is a great time to add some color and life to your garden with flowers. has some great tips on how to do this! In this article, they explain how different types of flowers will look best in different parts of the garden, and give instructions on how to plant and care for them during the winter months.

Welcome to Tuinplant!

We are a website dedicated to all things plants. From succulents, cacti and ferns to roses, bulbs and tree ferns, we have everything you need to get started in gardening. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, we hope you will find our content informative and useful.

In this blog section, we will be discussing some of the best wintergroene vaste planten for your garden. Our gardeners have selected some of the most hardy and beautiful wintergroene vaste plants that can be grown in temperate climates. We hope you will enjoy learning about these plants and choosing one or two to add to your garden this winter!

Our selection of wintergroene vaste planten

If you want to decorate your garden this winter with a variety of colourful plants, then you need to check out our selection of wintergroene vaste planten. All of these plants can be easily kept in a pot or in the ground, and will add a splash of colour to your garden all winter long.

Our selection includes varieties of ivy, geraniums, hollyhocks, roses and petunias, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. And if you’re looking for a little extra festive cheer, we’ve also got some Christmas trees available too! So don’t wait any longer – come and take a look at our wintergroene vaste planten selection today!

How to care for your wintergroene vaste plant

Wintergroene vaste planten require different care than other types of plants during the winter. Here are some tips to keep them healthy and happy:

Some plants that can be grown in the winter are the Christmas cactus, spider plant, peace lily, and evergreen hibiscus. These plants can be grown in a container or in the ground.


If you’re looking for a lush and green landscape to spruce up your home during the colder months, then you should check out This website has a wide variety of wintergroene plants that will add life and color to any space in your home. Not only are these plants easy to care for, but they also come with an accompanying guide that will help you get the most out of them. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse through all of the different options available on this website!

Bent u op zoek naar Wintergroene Vaste Planten?, de officiële website is Lees de onderstaande gids voor meer informatie over Wintergroene Vaste Planten.

Groenblijvende vaste planten –
Meer dan 400 groenblijvende en wintergroene vaste planten online te koop bij De vaste plantenwebshop van Nederland!

Groenblijvende planten kiezen en verzorgen – Directplant
Wintergroene vaste planten verzorgen · Heuchera – purperklokje. Het blad, dat verkrijgbaar is in verschillende tinten – groen, paars, koper, en meer – groeit …

Wintergroene en groenblijvende tuinplanten –
Wintergroene en groenblijvende tuinplanten · Buxushaag (Buxus sempervirens) · Hedera hibernica (grootbladige klimop). Populair · Glansmispel op stam (Photinia …

Groenblijvende vaste planten –
Bladhoudende vaste planten, ook wel groenblijvende vaste planten of wintervaste planten genoemd zijn buitenplanten die in de herfst en winter niet bovengronds …

Groenblijvende planten, eindeloos genieten

Groenblijvende planten, eindeloos genieten

15 jul. 2021 — Groenblijvende vaste planten doen dat anders. Ze behouden hun blad altijd, dus ook ‘s winters! Saai wordt het niet, want groenblijvers …

Wintergroene borderplanten – Groenblijvende planten voor …
Wij hebben diverse wintergroene tuinplanten voor u geselecteerd. Wat dacht u van de oersterke en mooi bloeiende Vinca Minor, ook verkrijgbaar als volledig …

Groenblijvende plant kopen? Groen blijvende planten | Intratuin
Vaste planten · Bloeiende planten. Je gekozen filters. Je gekozen filters. groenblijvende planten Verwijder dit artikel · Wis alle filters. Filteren.

Groenblijvende planten – Kwekerij Klein
Groenblijvende planten · Maagdenpalm – Vinca minor “Gertrude Jekyll” · Lavandula ang. · Druifheide – Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’ · Druifheide – Leucothoe keiskei ‘Burning …

Wintergroene vaste planten – Het Groene Paradijs
De mooiste wintergroene vaste planten. Bent u voor uw tuin of balkon op zoek naar mooie, groenblijvende vaste planten die de winter door kunnen komen?

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2 dec. 2020 — Groenblijvende winterharde planten · 1. De glansmispel (Photinia fraseri) · 2. Hulst (Ilex aquifolium ‘Rubricaulis Aurea’) · 3. Rododendron ( …

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Vaste planten zijn namelijk meerjarig en zullen elk jaar weer tot bloei komen. In onze webshop vind je zelfs groenblijvende vaste planten, die ook in de …

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18 okt. 2019 — Combineer wintergroene en winterharde planten tot een mooie winter tuin. Winterharde planten zijn vaste planten die zich in de winter …

Kleur in uw tuin. Ook in de winter! – Vaste Tuinplanten

Kleur in uw tuin. Ook in de winter!

Met een paar wintergroene of bladhoudende planten geef je ook in de winter kleur aan je tuin. Dus weg met die saaie wintertuin!

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