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Levi Rigters – Glory Kickboxing

Levi Rigters is a young fighter who has quickly become one of the most talked about athletes in Glory Kickboxing. With a record of 10-0, Levi is on the rise and is not backing down from any challenges. He is a fighter that is full of energy, and his fighting style is a mix of Muay Thai, Boxing, and Tae Kwon Do. In this interview, Levi discusses his career as a Glory Kickboxing fighter and the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

Levi Rigters

Levi Rigters: Glory Kickboxing’s Newest Talent

Levi Rigters is a kickboxer with a lot of potential. After winning the Glory middleweight title, Rigters decided to move up to the heavyweight division. And he’s not the only one who believes this. Many experts believe that Rigters has what it takes to be a world champion.

Rigters started his kickboxing journey at the age of 13. He quickly became a successful fighter, and in 2016 he won the Glory middleweight title. After defending his title against Artem Lobov, Rigters decided to move up to the heavyweight division.

In his first fight in the heavyweight division, Rigters beat American Derrick Lewis by split decision. Lewis was a decorated MMA fighter who had also fought in the UFC. Rigters clearly had some challenges ahead of him, but he was up for them.

After beating Lewis, Rigters faced Russian Alexander Ustinov in a fight that was hyped up as one of the biggest fights of 2018. Unfortunately for Rigters, Ustinov was too much for him and won by knockout in the first round. This loss definitely showed that Rigters still has some ways to go before he can be considered one of

Levi Rigters’ Amateur Background

Levi Rigters is a mixed martial artist from the Netherlands who has competed in Glory Kickboxing. Rigters’ amateur background is as a wrestler and judoka. He was born on May 2, 1994.”,”blog”:”Levi Rigters – Glory Kickboxing”,”content”:[{“title”:”Levi Rigters: Amateur Background”,”body”:”Levi Rigters is a mixed martial artist from the Netherlands who has competed in Glory Kickboxing. Rigters’ amateur background is as a wrestler and judoka. He was born on May 2, 1994.”,”link”:”/en-us/about-us/where-we-come-from/our-amateur-backgrounds/levi-rigters/”,”target”:”_self”},{“title”:”Levi Rigters – Glory Kickboxing”,”body”:”Levi Rigters made his professional kickboxing debut in June of 2017. In his first fight, he defeated Joeri Koning by unanimous decision. His amateur background includes wrestling and judo.”,”link”:”/en-us/about-us/where-we-come-from/our-amateur-backgrounds/levi-rigters/”,”target”:”_self”},{“title”:”Born to Fight”,”body”:”Lev

Levi Rigters’ Professional Career

Levi Rigters, born and raised in the Netherlands, started kickboxing at the young age of 12. After two years of training, Rigters became a national champion in the amateur division. He then turned professional in 2009 and has been undefeated ever since.

In his professional career, Rigters has fought for various organizations including Glory Kickboxing (GBU), K-1 Holland and M-1 Global. His biggest victory to date came when he won the Glory 58kg world title in 2018.

The Glory Kickboxing Ruleset

Levi Rigters is a Dutch kickboxer who competes in the Glory division. He is world champion in super middleweight and has also won world titles in heavyweight, light heavyweight and cruiserweight.

Techniques Used by Levi Rigters

Levi Rigters is a Glory kickboxing champion who uses a unique style to defeat his opponents. Here are some of the techniques he uses:

-Cross ankle lock: Rigters will often use this move to knock his opponent down. He will step in between his opponent’s legs and grab their ankles with both hands. He then pulls them towards him, forcing them to the ground.

-Double leg takedown: Rigters is also known for his devastating double leg takedowns. He will often throw a left or right roundhouse kick before lunging at his opponent’s legs with his body weight. If the opponent defends the takedown, Rigters has several other options available to him.

-Triangle choke: Another move Rigters is known for is the triangle choke. He will step in front of his opponent and place one hand on their shoulder, while using the other hand tograb their hair or neck. He thenpulls their head forward, tightening the choke until the opponent gives up or passes out.

The Results of the Fight

Levi Rigters heeft gisteren in een verrassend gemakkert duel met Remy Bonjasky gewonnen. Meteen na de overwinning vertelde Rigters aan RTL5 dat hij niet zonder slagpunten zal stoppen, en dat Glory de perfecte club voor hem is.

What Lies Ahead for Levi Rigters?

Levi Rigters is a rising star in Glory Kickboxing, and her future looks bright. Here’s a look at what lies ahead for the young fighter:

– Levi Rigters will continue to rise through the ranks of Glory Kickboxing, taking on tougher and tougher competition. She has all the makings of a world champion – dominant striking skills, explosive speed and an unyielding determination.

– Levi Rigters is also an accomplished amateur boxer, and her skills will be put to good use in Glory’s lightweight division. Her aggressive fighting style will test opponents to their limits and she is sure to make a major impact in the sport.

– Levi Rigters has plans to compete in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well. She is confident that she has what it takes to be a world champion in this discipline, and she is itching to put her skills on display in front of a live audience.Bent u op zoek naar Levi Rigters?, de officiële website is www.glorykickboxing.com. Lees de onderstaande gids voor meer informatie over Levi Rigters.

Levi Rigters – Glory Kickboxing

Levi Rigters 13-1-0 (6 KO) ; Current Rank #4 Heavyweight ; Height 200 CM / 6’6″ ; Nationality Netherlands ; Weightclass Heavyweight ; Weight 105 KG / 231 LBS.

Levi Rigters (@levirigterss) • Instagram photos and videos

Levi Rigters. Athlete. – Glory Contracted Fighter – Levirigters@live.nl ————— 2 X Enfusion Heavyweight World Champion. linktr.ee/LeviRigters.

Levi Rigters – Wikipedia

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Levi Rigters – Global Fight Center

Levi Rigters

Levi Rigters. Levi Rigters. 110 kg Kickboxing. Record 29 – 2 – 2 (13); Beschikbaar match? Beschikbaar overig? Stuur bericht. Gender Male. Nickname Onbekend.

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Levi Rigters (tweede van rechts) en zijn team © GLORY Kickboxing.

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Levi Rigters en zijn team tijdens GLORY 76. © GLORY Kickboxing.

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